Welcome back! In preview for you the photos of my last trip "on the road". Selected destination: London. London, after my city, represents for me a second home, a mood of life and free style, authentic, cosmopolitan and at the same time sought after I have always felt to belong. It is for this reason that I feel the need to come back often. Taking the metro or just walking the streets of London gives me the intense sensation of being in the heart of the world, living in its essence, where women and men of different ages, races, cultures and religions can live together in harmony, enriching each other because we are all damn equal. So, I hope you like this post "So Swinging London", maybe choosing to put a Beatles vinyl in the background. Enjoy x
Coat: @Tally Weijl 🎡 Boho Shirt: @Pimkie 🎡 Boots: @Tally Weijl
Natural History Museum
Shirt: @Brandy Melville 💂‍♀️ Sunnies: @Pimkie 💂‍♀️ Boots: @Tally Weijl
Abbey Road. Beatles Way
London, May 2018


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